Paper – Pulp – Paper

19942671_1423424407733527_392786598746329250_oI hear and I forget – I see and I remember – I do and I understand


With the reverberating slogans and probing posters saying – ‘Save water save life’, ‘Plant more trees’, ‘Go Green’ etc. various organizations are spreading awareness to varied sector of people. When all our focus is towards saving water and water bodies, we seldom understand the amount of water used in manufacturing of materials we use. Let us take paper for instance. A sheet of A4 paper takes about 10 litres of water to be manufactured. Though we talk about paperless institutions and e- books we are not in a stance to avoid hard bound books and notebooks. With an array of methods and techniques available all over to recycle and reuse paper, we at ‘Akarmaa Seek’ firmly believe any process is incomplete if we don’t understand the sense behind, and none of the process will endure if it doesn’t embrace the kids in it.

In every walk of our life kids keep inspiring us. With this inspiration we landed in ‘Cuckoo’ forest school on 8th July 2017.  Motivational vibes all around, be it the smile of Nellivasal government school kid Surya, or the abnormally curious SriVishnu we started the day with lots of vigor. Striking conversation became alluring when children opened up with ideas about the number of trees destroyed in the process of manufacturing a sheet of paper.  Continuing the discussion about amount of water used in the manufacturing process we roamed around the forest collecting dry leaves and flowers. Never in our groove would we have imagined ‘tearing’ of paper will be such an interesting task. Exceedingly enthusiastic children completed the entire process of tearing, grinding the paper into paper mache within less margin of time. Once the trainer elucidated the instructions children instantly plunged into action. Yes! They made mistakes while unmolding first few sheets out of the mould. But once they got the art of doing it they handled it with ease.

Process of recycled paper making

When government school children of Puliyanur Village joined on the second day 9th July 2017, along with paper making they were also involved in other creative crafts with recycled paper and paper mache. They created fascinating stamp painting, lamp shades, hangings and holders with the available raw material ‘paper’ and ‘paper mache’. Previously involved in creating awareness against plastic bags these children also learnt and enjoyed making paper bags as a substitute for plastic bags. Never tired with the array of activities, they wound up their day with a meaningful play enacted by them along with their trainers. Nobody else can enact the play so impressively other than these small kids which demonstrated the importance of reuse and recycling. Collecting ‘recycled paper’ in their ‘paper bags’ they waved happily ever after

“You must be the change you wish to see in this world”


  • Mahatma Gandhi




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