grp yayThe old city of Hyderabad witnessed children and mentors of the Oakridge SGLI Programme play the Amazing Race. In tandem with the theme of the conference, the race laced around historic places across the old city that are symbolic of the peaceful co-existence of diverse cultures and various disciplines. It also included experiences of the organic pathways, pygmies along them and the yummy delicacies of the place.

watch the the Bell task…

winning team
the Champs!
grp 2
the High Spirited…
grp 3
the 2nd Runners-up






The children enthusiastically traced their way through the markets, striking conversations with the locals as well as the on-duty police officers, finding clues and performing tasks. They paid homage to saints and rang bells at the temple, tiered across the posts at educational institutions, espied embellishments, computed their footsteps and flagged their presence in the old streets. The first team surprised the host by completing the race in less time than anticipated. The second team showed team spirit and added enthusiasm from all participants till the end point. Two more teams ran their way to secure the third position whilst the last team remained muddled by the several clock-towers that towered upon the old city-scape.


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