Children of Landscape

An exercise to understand children’s perception of their city.

Tracing Narratives - panels 3




Draw and Connect

Children observe and connect with their environment in unique ways.
Cars they look out of, buildings they cross, puppy around the street corner, parlor they buy ice-cream from and bench they sit to relish it; all collectively become their landscape.
To enable it’s appreciation, ‘Children of Landscape’ confers the imageability with young free minds. Children from Old City and Secunderabad have made beautiful drawings of their city.
They drew from memory, their favourite places in the city and the path they take to reach them.





can 2


These drawings were exhibited in the Tracing Narratives Expo. People from different disciplines and age groups from across Hyderabad, discussed and  shared their thoughts on these honest illustrations.







In view of the importance of the exercise and the insights it would provide of the city, we are continuing the activity. This would help in children from varied backgrounds interpreting their landscape.

The intention is to compile the illustrations and the interpretations about the city’s evolving landscape by end of 2017.

The invitation to participate is open to children, 5 to 15 years of age.
Institutions and  gated communities who wish to contribute to this research could  write to


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