Puzzles have always intrigued curious minds.

CITY unFOLDED is a set of 27 designed cubes stringed together, as a part of the Tracing Narratives Expo – Hyderabad Stop.



Inspired from the snake cube game, this was an attempt to connect the people of city with the different layers of Hyderabad’s Built Landscape from 1591 to 2021.

27 | 104 | 426 | 1591

( No. This is not a number game.)
1. People come together to take the challenge
2. Take clues from the map of city with its defining landmarks. Observe the drawings on the cube.
3. Relate the places in map with the one in cubes.
4. Order them with logical sense.
5. You will fail.
6. Add fourth dimension of time
7. Try again
8. Repeat step 1- 3
9. Scream aloud and hi-five your partner
map pins
The interactive game design explores the layers of Hyderabad’s evolution. Beginning from a well planned Charbagh aligned to the cardinal points to the new growth patterns of the city that developed in tangent with time.
A map indicating the outline of the existing city, in the backdrop of the proposed city sprawl annexes the puzzle. It marks the prominent water bodies, green spaces, roadways and rail network in the city. From the intricate embroidery encapsulating the city layout, one can draw clues from it and then go ahead to pin on their favourite places in the city.
If one knows that the foundation stone for the city was laid at Charminar, one would know that the solution begins from there. Further clues drawn from memory of the city’s layout or illustrations on the cubes help trace the connections.
Cubes have the CITY unFOLDED.
 teamour beautiful team

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