Akarmaa Seek

14608830_1463383550355145_3939679406989408113_o‘We cannot live better than in seeking to become better’

‘Akarmaa Seek’ aspires school children to nurture their inner conscience towards mindful living.

Imparting awareness through deep understanding of one’s action, we aspire children to become passionate, compassionate and thoughtful beings. Learning through doing has a deep impact in everyone, especially in children. However involving these curious children consciously in any meaningful activity is a challenging task. Initial session started with children understanding the principles of waste segregation. Activities related to recycling of waste were conducted and interesting videos explaining the cycle of waste segregation were screened. The impact of videos were observed in the ‘paste it’ card activity. Children were divided into groups to identify different kinds of waste and have to ‘paste it’ in respected columns. Following which, they were involved in an exercise of arranging jumbled cards. These cards were designed to represent various stages of waste disposal and segregation. Intention of these activities were to create awareness through action which turned out to be a constructive effort.

‘Reading a good book is like taking a journey’

Engaging children across different age groups continuously for more than two hours was a real challenge. To keep their eagerness alive ‘reading session’ was introduced as a filler in between activities. ‘Reading’ and ‘Listening’ session of ‘Thumbi’ (a monthly magazine for children from Cuckoo School Movement) scheduled on the spot turned out to be an interesting session which made them unleash their imagination. In continuation kids shared their imagery of what they listened, with additional characters and incidents of their own. The modification of original story with the skill of narrators filled the space with laughter. This gave us an insight about the scope of imaginative stories, kids could come up with.

After engaging these children in various activities, following session was a demonstration on composting of degradable waste. Introduction to the process, types, and stages of composting was followed with display of live samples at various stages. Anxious children came up with lot of questions about building up of small composting unit in their residences. Setting of a composting unit in a small scale within the campus is planned for next session.


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